The Dangers of the Pornographic Machine

Demons trying to send us to Hades

Demons trying to send men to Hades

This world is committing suicide running after what this demon has to offer, raising addicts and even serial killers. The grip that this demon takes upon people can lead some into the darkest hell. Some become so desensitized and addicted that they need more and more, doing anything they can to get it. Relationships are ruined, childhoods are ended, and lives are even ended. The notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy, on his way to electric chair stated, “You are going to kill me, and that will protect society from me. But out there are many, many more people who are addicted to pornography, and you are doing nothing about that.” Bundy also admitted that pornography was the first step on the path to murder 31 young women. Gary Bishop, a man who killed 5 boys in Salt Lake, explained in graphic detail how his addiction to pornography fueled his passion to murder these innocent children. Bishop said, “My conscience was desensitized and my sexual appetite entirely controlled my actions.”

Women are no longer looked at with respect; the world has turned them into an object. The womb has become some sort of twisted playground, not a place that God has sanctified. Sociologist Diana Russell states, “Pornography is vicious, anti-woman propaganda. It tells lies about us. It degrades women…” Legal Scholar, Catherine MacKinnon says “Look at the rape rate. Look at the rate of child sexual abuse…About 38% of all young girls are sexually molested before they reach the age of maturity.”

There are “experts” who now deny these claims, even the ones made by the serial killers themselves, saying that pornography has no effect on a person, fearing for their ‘First Amendment rights’. Some fear the ‘tyranny’ that the moral minority will take away their rights to view such obscene things. Others are addicts themselves with hidden agendas behind their public statements. This is somewhat similar to the repeated denial of effects caused by the exposure to extreme violent media made by TV and movie executives, despite the massive evidence to the contrary—especially concerning children. Just as the tobacco institute scientists deny that there is no health risk linked to smoking, after 30 years of researched evidence, the world continues to deny the terrifying effect this demon has on people, fearing the loss of money and interruption of their own obsessions.


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