Living Together In Oneness of Soul- By: St. Macarius the Great

The faithful caring for one another.

The brethren should conduct themselves toward one another with the greatest love, whether in praying or reading Scripture or doing any kind of work so that they may have the foundation of charity toward others. And thus their various tasks or understandings may find approval with those who pray and those who read and those who work, all can conduct themselves toward each other in sincerity and simplicity to their mutual profit. For why else is it written: “Thy will be done also on earth as in even” (Mat 6:10)? It is in order that, as the angels in heaven live together in accord with each other in the greatest unanimity, in peace and love, and there is no pride or envy there but they communicate in mutual love and sincerity, so in the same way the brethren should be among themselves. In the case where some thirty love together, they cannot continue at one thing the whole day and night. But some of them devote themselves to prayer for six hours and then they wish to read. Other readily and kindly serve the others, while still others do their own work.

The brethren, therefore, regardless of what work they are doing, ought to conduct themselves toward each other in love and cheerfulness. And the one who works should say of him who is praying: “I also possess the treasure which my brother possesses since it is common.” And let him who prays say of him who reads: “What he gains from reading redounds also to my advantage.” And he who works let him thus say: “The work which I am doing is for the common good.” For as the members of the body, being many, are one body (1 Cor 12:12) and help each other while each still performs its own function- as the eye sees for the whole body and the hand labours for all the members and the foot walks sustaining all the members, and another member suffers with all the others- so also the brethren should be among themselves.

Thus he who prays should not judge the one working because he is not praying. Neither should he who works condemn the one praying because he is resting while he himself is at work. Neither should he who is serving condemn another. But let each one do whatever he is doing for the glory of God. He who reads should regard the one praying with love and joy with the thoughts: “For me he is praying.” And let him who prays consider that what the one working is doing is done for the common good.

And thus the highest concord and peace and oneness of souls “in bond of peace” (Eph 4:3) will bind them together so that they can live together in sincerity, simplicity, and the blessing of God. It is evident that the most important element among these is the perseverance in prayer. Above all, one thing is required: that one should have treasures in his soul and the life which is the Lord in his mind, so that, whether he works or prays or reads, he should have that possession which cannot be lost, which is the Holy Spirit.

Excerpt taken from the book:
Pseudo-Macarius, The fifty spiritual homilies and the Great Letter, Homily 3


3 Responses to “Living Together In Oneness of Soul- By: St. Macarius the Great”

  1. 1 Отец Андрей May 1, 2010 at 2:01 am

    My very dear you are great!!!! Thank you for this publish! We can find this kind of love in the life of many saints. We all must read the life of our Saints so that we have courage from there own spiritual fightings. In this way we all can have there prayers from Heaven and have also axamples for our life.
    Are you studying Theology? Although having many children i’m studying Theology at Thessaloniki. I’m on the 8th semester now (the last one).
    God bless you!

  2. 2 Mary May 1, 2010 at 2:12 am

    Christ is Risen!

    You are right about why one should read the live’s of saints. I personally enjoy reading ‘Witnesses for Christ’, my favorite!
    No, I am not studying theology, however, a lot of my free time is spent reading Orthodox Christian material and I enjoy this very much.
    How is studying theology in Thessaloniki like? I’ve always wanted to visit Thessaloniki, beautiful place! All the best to you in your studies. God bless you too.


  3. 3 Отец Андрей May 1, 2010 at 3:06 am

    How is studying theology in Thessaloniki like? Thessaloniki….is a very blessed place!!!! People there are very faithful since the time of Saint Paul. In every corner there is a small or big church. Each month there must be more than 3 church’s that have homilies, or all night service. Well is not so simple for me to studie there….pls condact by email if possible. Thank you and go on with your beautiful blog. May God bless it.(if difficult for you to send me your email or any other way of condact i’ll send mine.)

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